Hero Tycoon

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Hero Tycoon is a world where real knights argue which of them is better in their difficult affairs. You can choose any character and go to a single platform for all players. On this territory, everyone will be for himself. You need to collect resources and build different buildings. First of all, you will need to build a special closet where you will put all your inventory so as not to take it with you all the time.

What is your main goal in this game?

Your most important task will be to build all the available buildings before the others do it. If you do it first, then the victory will be yours. You can be engaged in the construction of several structures in parallel, the main thing is that you do not get confused and be extremely attentive. Also, you have to be prepared for the fact that other players will constantly interfere with you in order to get ahead of you. Do not be distracted by their provocations and continue your business!

Each character has their own abilities that will help them build. Thanks to a huge selection of fighters, you can choose anyone who, in your opinion, is most suitable for high-quality and fast construction. The main building is a wardrobe where you can get new weapons and other useful items.

Promote your business, but do not forget to keep an eye on your rivals, because there can only be one winner here. You will need to competently dispose of your character’s abilities in order to be the first to complete your construction.