Human Fall Flat

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In Human Fall Flat you will find yourself in an amazing world of puzzles! Here you have to go through several levels with varying degrees of difficulty. All of them are unique and contain a huge number of solutions.

You will need your logic and dexterity to go all the way to the end! Use different combinations to pass all the tests! There is a multiplayer mode here, so you can invite your friends. Together is always more fun and interesting!

Use creativity to solve puzzles

Your main character can walk, jump and do various tricks only with your help. You will have to manage it. On your way you will meet various tasks. To solve them, you will need your attentiveness, perseverance and mental abilities. You should think carefully before answering. Use different options to solve the puzzle correctly.

You can also change the appearance of your hero. You can make his appearance and image unique. Use cool costumes like monkey costume, ninja, princess and more. You can also create an image from scratch by choosing clothes yourself.

Unlock new locations with excellent views. This will give you more motivation! Don’t forget to look around and look for clues. They can be anywhere, so be careful! Use your creativity!