Grow: Song of the Evertree

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The most fabulous attempt at creating your own world. Long ago, people followed the call of their hearts and released their energy to the will of the melodies playing in their souls. They roamed space and believed in unreal holy things.

One of their adventures took them to the very root of their song. It turned out to be a tree that conceals many secrets and secrets. Maora is a tree of secrets and desires. A branchy and extraordinary miracle. Grow: Song of the Evertree amazes with high-quality graphics that directly plunge you into an adult fairy tale and the fact that dreams come true.

The researchers settled right under this tree. They developed their talents and skills and even became artisans and scientists. An entire civilization has grown at the roots of this wonderful tree.

After several years of careless life, the tree began to fade. What happened to him and can it be stopped? Evil penetrated into the heart of the tree, which replaced the notes and the song was filled with a terrible shade.

One day the song ended and the tree turned into a point of despondency and withering. Evil grew in him and everything around him perished. Find all the clues and return the tree to its original form so that your fairy-tale life does not end and the song sounded in the hearts of the heroes again.

Everyone left their city, except for one alchemist, who believed that even in the blackest one could find a drop of light. And so it happened. Help the believer save the goal and the dream that the entire nation has cherished and cherished for several years.