Among Us 2

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More cool challenges are waiting for you in Among Us 2! This is perfect for those who like to tickle their nerves! You have to take this all very seriously! You have to use your deductive thinking and logic. Show how well you can think and make decisions.

Find the liar and punish him!

As you already know, you have to go on an exciting journey. You will be taken to a spaceship. You will be in the company of other players. Your crew will consist of approximately 12 members. There is a multiplayer mode here, so the characters will think for real.

Everyone is so friendly, but don’t trust anyone! There are several traitors within your team. They are too sneaky! They’ve devised a plan to destroy the entire ship. They will do small mischief, which over time will lead to huge problems.

You have to be extremely careful to find these scoundrels! Walk all over the territory and explore every millimeter. If you think someone is suspicious, then follow him. Be careful, because a traitor can lure you to a quiet place and kill you.

You need to do it sooner! Use your detective skills to deal with this! What will you do if you turn out to be a traitor? You need to keep a low profile and do everything accurately! Don’t get caught in the eye to stay alive!