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Welcome to FNIA 3! This is a fascinating continuation of the acclaimed horror in anime style. Here you have to spend time indoors. Will you be able not to be afraid and pass all the tests to the end? You have to prepare for the terrible moments that await you here. Be careful and think over your plan of action in advance!

Spend a few days with the monsters and stay alive

You will take on the role of a security guard in a pizzeria. This job is not for the faint of heart! During the day you will do your usual work, and as the night approaches, you will tremble with fear!

There will be animatronics in the building. They don’t want to hurt you. But since they don’t accept that a human is much more fragile than their metal body, they may accidentally harm you. You will have to bypass them and not let them get close to you. For these purposes, you have your own office. There will be video cameras. With the help of them you can control where these creatures are.

You must be very careful not to meet him. From the weapon you will have a flashlight. He will be able to blind your enemies, and in the meantime you will save your life. We hope you’re ready for some intense moments. All the scenes that will take place here will tickle your nerves well!