Stick War: Legacy

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Stick War: Legacy was created specifically for those who know how to be a leader! You have to take all responsibility into your own hands! Create your army and lead it!

You will need to use all your best qualities. Be vigilant if there is danger. Let’s see your reaction! How many battles do you think you will win with this?

Become the commander-in-chief of your own army

You will find yourself in a world where battles are constantly introduced. There are several nations here. All of them devoted themselves completely to the state. They are ready to protect him every second.

Since there are always problems here, battles take place several dozen times a day. The main characters are drawn people. You have to create your own army. Each hero has abilities. You need to constantly improve them.

Join the battles and fight boldly! Protect your lands and conquer new ones! You can also receive important resources to help you in the future. Choose the appropriate mode and be ruthless on the battlefield.

Try your hand at survival mode. There you will have to fight a group of zombies. They have big plans for you, break it all! But you can also fight people like you. Be always on the alert! Don’t be afraid, you are the leader! Good luck!