Cannon Brawl

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Cannon Brawl is a fun strategy game where you can take part in real-time gun battles. Get ready to test your fighting skills and focus on the frenzy of battle! Here you will find a bunch of unexpected twists and turns that you will definitely enjoy.

Ready to embark on an exciting new journey?

Your main task will be to defeat your only rival. For both of you, the conditions will be exactly the same, you will have the same abilities and skills. You and your opponent will have an aircraft in your inventory, which you need to build shelters, in the form of mines, defense towers, as well as for balloons that will help you capture the opponent’s territory. In order to activate your defensive structure and strike at enemy territory, you need to fly to it and take control.

You can choose any of 15 types of weapons and means of protection. Come up with your own strategic plan and stick to it until the end of the fight. Manage to knock out the support from under the feet of the enemy! You can play alone or try your hand at multiplayer mode. Arrange a brutal bombardment at enemies from your hideout, or you can fire at them from above.

Here you can also find some interesting modes that will be even more fun to play with. If you are not yet a real master at destroying enemies, then you better start with the “adventure” mode. There you can find, at the initial levels, a complete description and understand how to properly manage all available resources.