Twin Shot

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Adventurer, which contains about 150 levels. You need to go through all the tests and destroy as many enemies as possible. Avoid strange turns, fly over thorns and beware of attacking creatures who strive to shoot arrows at you.

Get along with small losses in order to knock down as many opponents as possible. A simple and uncomplicated idea wins with simple controls and a few simple battles. You will have a sporting interest in knowing what the map will be like after you go to the next level. Play the role of Cupid to save two hearts in love at once and doom them to eternal love.

The mission of the Angel is the most interesting, since you have a good goal that must be fulfilled at any cost. Pixel cute heroes will be your best friends until there are no unhappy people in the world. Empty your box of arrows and hit the very heart to give the bond of love to deserving creatures and destroy everyone who gets in your way.

Twin Shot energizes with kindness and a joyful atmosphere, so once you try it, you won’t be able to tear yourself away. Immerse yourself in a world of stunning romantic makeovers that are enthusiastic about creating new adventures for you. Plunge headlong into the rainbow world of dreams and create your own victory strategy.