Sky Block

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Here you will find yourself in a new cool universe! Most likely, you already know the map! The controls here are pretty simple. If you are a beginner, it will only take you a couple of minutes to remember all the rules!

Here you can build cool buildings and even a whole city! In your inventory, you can find other useful tools to create something big. On your map, you can easily get to the point you need. You can visit the cave. Where you will meet different cruel monsters.

You will be able to fight them as well as other players. Thanks to this, you can get even more important resources. Also on the other side you can notice the territory where you can get precious materials. Head there to automatically receive minerals.

In addition, you can visit the world where your imagination is needed. You can build various buildings there. Try to build an entire city! Your main goal here is to survive. Look for interesting ways to continue your existence! Give free rein to your imagination!