Simple Sandbox 2

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In Simple Sandbox 2, you have the ability to do whatever you want. Use your imagination to the maximum and don’t worry about anything! Everything is possible here and no one will punish you for it! You will be able to feel complete freedom from all your obligations and do whatever your heart desires. Explore all the unknown places on the maps and believe that in any corner of this world you can find exciting entertainment for yourself. Relax and have fun!

Do you want to build your world from scratch and wreak total chaos there?

Start the game by creating your own character. Make it unique and fun, and then set off to conquer the streets of new and unexplored territory. Here you can play alone or choose a multiplayer mode, because it is much more interesting to create a new universe with your friends. Build various buildings such as houses, castles or fortresses. Also you can build entire streets and cities if you want.

Here you can choose a suitable transport for yourself. The choice will be huge, because everything is there, both motorcycles and cars and even airplanes. Want to race with your friends? Then build roads so you can drive fast and not stop for as long as possible. Find out who has better, more powerful and faster transport!

Also here you can arrange battles with other players. You will be presented with a long list of weapons that you can choose from. Choose any and go on the attack! Arrange fights without rules and do not spare anyone!