Mad GunZ

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This is one of the best action games you could ever take part in! Imagine that one day you wake up in the morning and go to the kitchen to have a cup of coffee. But then look out the window and you see that there is complete chaos going on!

Where did your pet go and where are the animals with rifles on the street? And then what? Unicorn? So many questions and so few answers. Now you have to take part in these strange battles! You will love the graphics because they are bright and very cute!

Control the virtual joystick and guide your character to explore the entire territory! Help him aim accurately and deliver deadly blows! Don’t let your enemy pass you by! Set up automatic shooting and let your character shoot without hesitation!

You can also build cool structures! But for this you need different materials. To get them you have to destroy everything in your path! Pass all the tests with pride! Don’t forget to choose a stylish costume and the best weapon for your hero!