Tunic Demo

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Tunic Demo takes you on an exciting journey! You are going to go to a mysterious island together with your character – a small and cute fox. Explore a new world constantly discovering different secrets that are stored there. The atmosphere will be amazingly fabulous, you will completely immerse yourself in the life of your hero and feel all his emotions and sensations.

What will await you on the island?

The little fox suddenly opens his eyes and sees a completely unfamiliar place in front of him. He looks around and realizes that he has ended up on an unfamiliar island. He doesn’t know if there is someone else here or if he is completely alone here. You will need to explore new territory, but just in case, be careful as you don’t know what to expect here.

Exploring the new world will be really interesting and exciting. You will be taken to different locations where the beauty of these places will take your breath away. You can see underground castles, cathedrals built in the Gothic style, dense and huge forests and much more. Also on your way you will encounter a huge number of different troubles and threats. You will need to destroy evil bosses and all of his equally cruel assistants.

Collect weapons and don’t forget to upgrade them. In some moments, you simply cannot survive without your protective shield. Find out all the secrets of the unknown island. Fight in real time and defeat cruel enemies! Be careful and very attentive!