Melon Playground

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Melon Playground is a gorgeous challenge where you can have a great time. Here you will need your creativity and imagination. If you have a lot of different experiments in your head, then you can try them right here. Don’t worry if you think it will be illegal. There are no rules here, so get started!

Conduct unique experiments

And so, you can do whatever you want! Your test subjects will be mannequins. Don’t worry about your actions. They can be absolutely anything. Your characters won’t feel a thing. You will have a huge list of tools at your disposal.

Choose any and start your business. Select the location where you want to arrange an experiment. Over time, you will be able to discover new places. It has great graphics and beautiful design.

Thanks to easy control, you will immediately learn how to manage everything. Take a gun and shoot the doll! We can throw dynamite at it and watch what happens. And what about the laser? You can do whatever you want here.

Find out what your imagination is capable of! Use the water pool and other interesting things. There is also a huge selection of weapons. Experience everything you have! Don’t be afraid that something might go wrong. There are no rules or restrictions here!