Murder Mystery 2

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In this game you can have a great time. Sometimes you will need to use your deductive thinking. There is a multiplayer mode here, which will make it even more fun.

You will be delighted with the storyline! A lot of cool moments await you, from which you will be shocked. You have to try on different roles to find out which one you do best.

Your main tasks will depend on your choice of character

And so, now there will be real madness and chaos! Here you can choose who you want to be. You have three options – a civilian, a sheriff and a murderer. In the first case, you will be an independent person.

You must be vigilant. If you see a murder that happened in front of your eyes, you can report it to the sheriff. And if he is killed, then you can pick up the weapon and take his position.

In the second case, you have to solve crimes. You must notice all suspicious characters. Stay close to bad cases so you can uncover them right away. If you decide to become an assassin, you will need your cunning and thoughtfulness.

Your goal is to find and kill all the sheriffs. If you manage to do this, then take his knife. Otherwise, you can kill an ordinary citizen. Most importantly, keep track of time! Learn all weapons. Each character has their own.