The Battle Cats on PC

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Welcome to the cool universe! Here you have to wage a constant struggle. Gather your army of… cats! All furry animal fans will love this! It will be very cool and fun! You have to fight with other animals and defeat them! Be brave and get ready for unexpected turns of events!

Arrange real madness around the world

Embark on an exciting adventure where you have to be the leader! You can collect your army of furry animals and teach them all what you know how to do. Previously, people tried to protect their pets from various troubles, but here everything is different.

Watch as brave and desperate pets fight for peace in the magical world! Help them win! They need your support and love! You can improve their abilities. Spend time with them and devote it to training.

Choose any animal from the offer and go on the attack! You will be able to gain experience and points. Over time, you will have the opportunity to discover new types of cute animals. Use powerful weapons so as not to waste a lot of strength.

Your main task is to destroy the enemy base. You only need a couple of shots if you have a good scope. Watch the actions of your enemies! Gather important treasures that will help you later. Enjoy the battles with cool animals!