Super Cats

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Welcome to an unusual shooter! You will be charmed by beautiful graphics and soundtrack! Here you have to plunge into the world of war. It’s not so easy, because you will fight with fluffy animals. There is a multiplayer mode here so you can invite your friends.

Everyone present should be divided into two teams. Each should have 3 animals. Management is pretty simple. If you are a beginner, then you will quickly understand what you need to do! Move all over the map and aim at your opponents.

In addition to normal shooting, you can also select the “attack” mode. It will deal a huge blow to the opposing team! To do this, you need to accumulate a certain amount of experience. Don’t forget to defend yourself! Carefully move across the field so as not to fall into a trap!

In addition, you can also improve the abilities of your character. Buy new, even more powerful weapons! Unlock new characters or edit existing ones. You can buy cool skins for them and make them different from others!