Candy Cat Poppy Playtime

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Welcome to the scariest game ever! We hope that you are very brave, because otherwise it will not work here. Here you have to plunge into the atmosphere of mystery.

Entering a creepy building, your life will be divided into before and after. You have to explore everything and not lose consciousness from fear. But your main task is to learn all the secrets!

Get out of the abandoned building alive!

A few years ago, a tragedy struck a toy factory. Nobody knows exactly what happened. But because of this, almost all the workers disappeared. Only one person survived. It is his role that you will take on. He plucked up courage and courage and decided to find out what really happened. The man went to the factory, where no one has been around for about 10 years.

Going inside, he saw a huge blue toy. With this he has yet to see and the meeting will not be good. You have to explore the entire building. Go into each room to find something interesting. You must find clues that will help you deal with your question.

Solve puzzles to open doors. Remember that the whole building is stuffed with terrible monsters. They don’t want to give you secret information. Do your best and get free! Discover the terrible truth that happened many years ago!