Short Life 2

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This is a very fun, but a bit strange game. Here your main task is not to let your character die. Do you think that you are a very brave person and will be able to go through the most dangerous circumstances? Let’s check it out here! you have to take advantage of your dexterity, accuracy, quick reaction and logic. You will have to show all your talents that you have!

Go around all the deadly obstacles on your way!

Here you have to take on the role of a bearded man. He looks very brave and courageous. On his way he will meet various traps that are very dangerous for him. He will be locked in a room and you must help him. He knows everything! He can jump, run and more, but only with your help.

You have to go through dozens of trials and stay alive! Be careful when you get the task to go through the plates. They will spin in different directions and there will be spikes on them. Try to make sure that the bombs do not hit you.

Learn how to perfectly control the hero in order to go through all the traps that are prepared for you here. In total, you have to go through 16 challenges. How many times do you think you will die before you complete all the levels? Think over your every step in advance in order to successfully complete all the tasks.