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This is the best sandbox where you can feel like the creator of the whole world! You have to build new cities and populate people there in this game. Get ready for exciting adventures and tasks! You will find many unexpected twists and turns.

You can create something beautiful and destroy it. There is complete freedom here. See what your imagination is capable of. Get all your ideas out of your head and start the amazing process!

What will you choose, build a new universe or destroy it?

Well, here, as always, you will have a choice. You choose which path to take. Here you can create a unique and colorful world. Build entire cities and populate them. You can choose anyone. Let sheep, zombies, wolves, orcs or other creatures live on your territory. This is where magic reigns! You will have a huge selection of tools.

With their help, you can create real masterpieces. Build tall buildings, rivers, parks and more. Have fun with the inhabitants of your cities! What if it could all be destroyed? You will be able to use natural forces! Arrange a hurricane, tornado or acid rain. There are many scenarios in which you can arrange the end of the world. Choose a beautiful life or death. Remember that all your actions will not be wrong!