Universe Sandbox 2

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100 Years Life Simulator is a unique opportunity to go through your entire existence from the very beginning. Here you have to guide your character from start to finish. You will need to build a good future for him.

You will find a huge number of different situations. You must go through everything and not stray from the right path. You need to always think ahead and not succumb to temptations!

How old can you get your character to be?

Here you will receive a baby. You have to control his every step so that he does not get into trouble. Help him in situations where you need to make a choice. Soberly discuss what the consequences of each of your choices may be.

Your hero will gradually grow up and he will have other questions that need to be solved. If you make the wrong choice or action, it will greatly affect his future.

You need to be very careful! Do not allow him to enter strange companies. Don’t abuse bad things. All this negatively affects your character. You don’t want your character to die prematurely, do you? Keep a close eye on his actions!

Help him get back on the right track! At every stage of growing up your character will have difficulties. Don’t leave him in trouble! He wants to build a happy future and have a good time!