My Friendly Neighborhood

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My Friendly Neighborhood is a thrilling horror game like you’ve never seen before. You will enjoy an unusual plot that will keep you in suspense until the very end.

You must be very brave if you dare to come here. Many unexpected moments are waiting for you. Get ready for a lot of mysteries and mysteries that you have to unravel!

Go in search of answers that excite the whole world

The story revolves around a popular show. A few years ago, a program about cooking recipes was spinning on all channels. There were presenters who captured the hearts of every viewer around the world.

Because of the problems, the show had to be closed permanently. At first, the fans were very upset, but soon they began to forget about their heroes. But then something strange happened!

Viewers noticed that the broadcast of the previously popular show began again on their TV screens. In order to find out what happened, a repairman is sent to the main broadcasting office. You have to take on this role and learn terrible secrets.

Inside the building you will find many inexplicable things and traps. And all this was prepared for you by terrible monsters. All dolls come to life and want to harm you! You must do your best to deal with them!