Planet Craft

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This is a great sandbox that is based on the style of Minecraft. Here you will be transported to a fascinating world. You will not face any problems, because they simply cannot be! There are no restrictions here! You have the right to do what you want.

You have to go on a round-the-world trip around our planet. You will not see modern cities here, but you can see how things used to be. Open the map and choose any place you want to see in different historical eras.

Before you go on such a wonderful adventure, you need to choose a character. You can make it with anyone! Who do you want to send to the Egyptian pyramids, to abandoned old castles or monuments? As soon as you are ready, boldly go to conquer the cities!

You can reach them in a second or from far away. You can also chat with friends or other users if they are in the same territory as you. Discuss interesting places and share your successes. Tell each other where there are many useful resources! Admire past structures and relive history!