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This game is for those who really want to improve their mental abilities. Here you can test your vocabulary and ability to use it. You will have a good time in your free time if you stay here! Call your friends or relatives to make it even more interesting! Test your mind!

Solve the puzzle and win

Here you will enter the field, where everything will be in the cells. You must enter letters into them so that you end up with words. In total, you have to guess 4 words out of 5 letters. It won’t be as easy as you think.

You will have to use your mindfulness. Build a plan for what you will be. Use tactical thinking. You will have 9 attempts to guess all the words. For a beginner, this may not seem like much, but you can practice on a special field.

There you will be able to sharply assess your capabilities and in the future choose your difficulty. To understand if you are doing everything right, coloring of the letters will help you. Yellow, gray or green will indicate in which direction you are moving.

Keep track of how many moves you have left. Learn to distribute them correctly. Try to pick up the vowels first. They will help you very well later. Figure out which tactic works best! Ask your family for help to make the victory brighter!