Chicken Gun

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This is a great shooter where you can have some fun! Here your main character will be a rooster. Have you ever seen a rooster with a rifle in its paws? You can’t even imagine what it’s capable of!

Previously, all animals lived in the henhouse, but now everything has changed! There has been a real revolution! You have to go to the battlefield and test your strength! You need to become a leader! There is a multiplayer mode here. For this reason, you will compete with real players.

You can choose any story and mode, which will make this challenge even more fun. Study the map well so you don’t get lost on it! You will also get access to a large selection of weapons. You can upgrade this step by step to defeat your opponents faster.

Use eggs that explode instead of grenades and dangerous bazookas. Don’t forget to upgrade your hero’s abilities! You can also customize its appearance. Buy new costumes for him and make him memorable! Arrange a real cock war! Be bold and brave!