Jail Break: Cops Vs Robbers

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Jail Break: Cops Vs Robbers is an addictive and addicting action that will keep you engaged for a long time. This is where your attentiveness and quick response are needed! Before you press the “start” button – you need to decide for whom you will play.

Which side will you be on? On the side of good or evil?

You will have the opportunity to choose to play as a police officer or a criminal. Decide what interests you more – a world ruled by crime or law enforcement? If you are more attracted to crime, then you will take on the role of a criminal. You will commit robberies, and when you go to prison, then you should look for books. You can exchange them for keys or shovels and then you will be able to escape. After you are released, you will be able to deal with your criminal life again.

Also in the game you can take on the role of a police officer. In this case, you will have to explore the city and keep order. If you find a criminal, then you can send him to prison, while receiving additional bonuses and an increase in rank. You have to keep an eye on the prisoners and, in the event of their escape, keep yourself restrained. Do not shoot them at all, because you will lose your merit!

In any case, whatever you choose, the atmosphere will be very cool You may have to worry a little sometimes, but under no circumstances step back. You can play rounds of 5 minutes, or choose a longer version. Use your thinking to the maximum and get ready to react quickly to various unplanned things.