Slime Rancher 2

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This game can be called a real encyclopedia. You can spend time here not only excellent and fun, but also useful. Surely after all this you will expand your horizons. Here you will have the opportunity to find hundreds of answers to your questions. This is where you write your own story. You will have hundreds of options for how you can proceed. None of them will be wrong.

Are you ready to create your own rules?

Here you find yourself in outer space. You are surrounded by countless different planets and stars. Explore the area you are in. Look at asteroids, black holes, comets, solar flares. Look at the planets from the solar system, their satellites and the Sun itself. All this will be at your complete disposal. You can arrange a real end of the world if you have such a desire. It will be a real fantasy!

You can push planets or other space things into each other. See what comes of it. Correct your actions or change everything completely. Do what you want. Use your imagination and creativity to do something that no one else has even thought of.

Try to change at least one important condition in the solar system. See what the consequences will be. And it will be a non-fictional outcome. Anything you can see here can actually happen.