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In Togges, you have to arrange and add bricks in order to explore all the fabulous worlds. Collect various tasty things, constantly discover new interesting stories and manage to help the king rule the entire universe in order to destroy an unknown but dangerous threat.

You will be transported into an amazing and colorful atmosphere where you can get the most out of what is happening. It is a non-linear game where you can unlock a huge amount of content that you should fully explore and discover. Also here you have the opportunity to choose any cute character and from time to time try to improve it.

Can you save a beautiful universe from an impending threat?

Here you will find a variety of exciting puzzles, which will be on the popular topic related to the environment. Discover different methods of how to interact with the world that surrounds you, using creativity and mechanics. By exploring the environment, find unique items for your collection. At every corner you see, you can find an interesting activity for yourself.

You will encounter various obstacles and difficulties on your way. Don’t lose control! Use your logical thinking, intuition and courage to overcome them. Combine all your abilities into one whole and think carefully about your strategy. In case of unexpected or random situations, think over your decision how to get out of them as a winner! Unlock new stories and make friends all over the universe! Good luck!