Bed Wars 2

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Earlier on many Minecraft servers, there was a very popular mini-game in which you had to infiltrate the enemy base and destroy the spawn point. It was called Bed Wars. It still enjoys the same popularity now, but not only in this sandbox.

Now if you want to play it, then you are able to download and play the development of Blockman Go. They took this mini-game as a basis and made a separate game out of it. As a result, they ended up with a fairly high-quality product that many players like.

In it, you also need to gather in teams and defend your base from enemies. You are able to have different behaviors and each of them should be used depending on what is happening at the game location. So, decide what you are going to do based on the things that other players did.

You can be a passive team, and when the time comes, go on the active offensive. Or you can be the reason why other teams are able to find it difficult to be in the location due to the fact that the participants are being killed.

How you will behave is up to you. Also, don’t forget that you are still in a team, so you need to take into account the opinions of others. So, be a friendly teammate in the game so that there is no negativity within the group of participants.

Speaking by the way about the game, we are able to assume that Bed Wars 2 may come out in the not distant future. You can only guess what it is going to be and what will change in it, but you can start building your own guesses and theories. Who knows, maybe Bed Wars 2 will be available on other platforms, like VR, and the battle is going to become even more epic.